Fast and Easy Title Loans


Car Title Loans in Brandeis with Premium Loans

A car title loan in Brandeis with Premium Loans is a sure-fire way to get fast cash in your pocket. Apply for a loan with us – acompany with more than a decade of experience in alternative lending – is your stress-free answer. We say, “Yes,” when so many other lenders will say, “No.” Want a great deal that’s fast and fair? It’s all here and starts with your free quote. Click now.

Your car title loan will be a secured loan – your car is your collateral, even though we still let you keep you car. That’s right, the entire time you have your loan with us, you keep your keys. So whether your repayment terms are short (there’s no minimum term), or you ask for the maximum amount of time, you’ll have a vehicle right there in your driveway.

And while you keep your car and think of any number of creative ways to spend your cash, there are a few additional features we think you’ll like:

  • Our service is free – there are no hidden fees
  • Borrow a little, or borrow a lot – it’s up to you
  • Apply online from home – it’s easy and discreet
  • Easy loan documentation – and no credit checks

We want you to be 100% confident that you’re working with a company that’s trustworthy, friendly, and puts its customers first. If we’re the kind of people you wantto do business with, click now to get started.

How an Auto Title Loan Works

Many people have already heard of auto title loans, but may not completely understand how they work. Here’s a short lesson:

Title loans are short-term, secured loans designed to get clients cash in a hurry. The collateral is the client’s paid-in-full, insured vehicle. Title loans are avery popular way to get money quickly – usually in 24 hours or less. These loans are also a great option for people with poor credit, because we there aren’t any creditchecks.

What our company does is act as bridge between you (the borrower) and other lenders. That’s right, we’re not the lender. However, with more than 10 years experience, we’ve built great relationships with those lenders. That allows us to negotiate on your behalf and get the best complete loan package possible.

We have loan specialists available 24/7 to guide you through the loan process. Once everything is complete, you drive to one of our many convenient locations and pick up your money.

Requirements for a Title Loan

The “low documentation” requirements for our secured loans include information on your vehicle, identification, references, and a few income records. Along with our “no credit check” policy, we have experience working with all kinds of income situations. So, if you’re in between jobs and collecting unemployment benefits, we can help you. The same is true if you have social security income, are self-employed, even if you work part-time. Let us know your circumstances and we can adviseyou on what we’ll need.

With that info in hand, here’s what comes next:

  • Apply online, get your quote, and talk to a loan pro
  • Together we’ll customize a great loan package over the phone
  • Get your cash from one of our free-standing stores
  • When you pick up your money, there are no additional charges or hidden fees. Our service is free, so there’s no fine print to worry about.